Traditional Tobacco, Commercial Tobacco and I-185

“We have to understand the context we place on tobacco. Are we using it in a respectful or an abusive way? Our communities are starting to...

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Recognizing Contributions of Indian Country on Indigenous People’s Day

Today, October 8th, marks Indigenous People’s Day, a day for celebrating American Indians’ history and culture. So, at MBPC, we wanted to take a...

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MBPC presents at Montana League of Cities and Towns conference: How state budget cuts have impacted local governments

Last week, the Montana League of Cities and Towns hosted its annual conference, bringing together city managers, department staff, and local elected...

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The Farm Bill Expired. What comes next?

Following a meeting between the leaders on the Agriculture Committee during the last week of September, it became clear that Congress would not pass a...

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Suicide Rates in Montana are Unacceptably High, Especially Among American Indians

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, a month dedicated to promoting suicide prevention awareness across the country. For Montana, it’s...

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It takes American Indian women 21 months to earn what white men make in 12

Today, September 27th, marks Equal Pay Day for American Indian women, the day an American Indian woman will have had to have worked into 2018 to make...

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Guest Blog: 2016 State-Tribal Policy Symposium reflections

As a recently hired legislative aide for the 2016 Montana Legislature, I attended the 2016 State-Tribal Policy Symposium and got some great insights...

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2018 State-Tribal Symposium Sponsors

The Montana Budget and Policy Center is proud to keep the symposium free for attendees in addition to offering travel assistance. We are grateful to...

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